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Finally we have our own users forum. How cool!

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My site is almost ready for prime time, except for my home page. I want to show a slideshow, but the slideshow does not render well on mobile. Can anyone help?

Hi Sergio,

I have checked your start page on the mobile and noticed that only the middle part of the images is displaying. There is an option in the admin panel that you can change how your images in a slideshow display in the browser:

Currently you are using cover. If you choose contain, your full images will show on mobile. However, since your images in the slideshow are wide, to display your images in full, it would create a big space between your images and the text underneath. 

If you stay with the option, cover, you will need to edit your images so they will look nice on both mobile and desktop. Since the system only displays the middle part of your images, please make sure that the main subject of your images is in the center.

I hope the above helps. Please do reach out to us if you have any questions :)

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)


See "My Blog" in my portfolio at sergioburani.com.

The date f the blog post is expressed as 2019-03-01. This date format is not user friendly for Americans. Can I change it to March. 1, 2019?

Thank you.

See "My Travel" page. This is a link page. Each of these photos is linked to a specific gallery. Is there any way to put a nice frame around each of these photos?

Thank you.

See "Testimonials" page in my portfolio. 

Is there any way for me to change the order of the several testimonials shown on the page?

Thank you.

Hi Sergio,

The date format on the blog is not possible to change unfortunately. I totally understand American date format is different, and I will tell the developers about it.

I have checked your link page (My Travel) and noticed that you have already added a border around your thumbnails, our tool doesn’t provide other thumb decoration other than those you can see in the admin panel: thumb radius, border width, border colour and shadow. If you would like to have a nice frame around your images, I am afraid you will need to edit them before uploading to your website.

To change the order of your testimonials, you can drag the “up and down” arrow icon next to the item and move the item to the position you want it to be:

Hope the above helps, have a nice week ahead!

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

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Thank you, Ainsley.

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