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Menu Slide Effect

How can I create a menu slide effect in Portfoliobox? Like clicking a link and instead of redirection it will slide to the section where the content is?

Hi there!

May I know if you want to create something called anchor link?

Thanks, Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

Yes, like targeting a certain part of content in your page and linking it in your menu. But instead of just snapping to the content I want it to have a slide effect after clicking the menu link. 


You can create a section page, add different content sections to it and then add a menu section to the page. For the menu, instead of adding your existing pages, you can add the sections you just created. When one clicks on the section link(s) in the menu, it would jump to that particular section of your section page. I hope this helps!

Here is the effect:

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Great! This is exactly what I want! Thank you so much for your help! Have a nice day! 

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