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Stock numbers or inventory for E-commerce

I have already suggested before that it would be better if we can operate or manage the stock numbers or inventory of our online shop. The support forwarded it to your Dev Team . Thanks for that! :)

Do you have any idea when it will be available? It would be very helpful to us. 

Cheers! 

Ran (Arts & Design Community Admin)

Hi Ran,

That is indeed a great suggestion! Our devs will take this into consideration definitely - hopefully it will be added to our product soon :)

Cheers! Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

I agree it would be a great option, and I think very necessary, I have suggested the same thing recently.


Hi again Steve,

Yes, we have received similar suggestions from our users and improving our E-Commerce is definitely one of our priorities!

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

Going to third this! This is one of the only things stopping me from using Portfoliobox for my ecommerce needs (well, that and the ability to combine shipping, but I can live without that.) If I only have,say, a limited edition of a print of 20, I don't want to accidentally sell 21 : /

Hi Shannon, Steve and Ran,

We totally understand that the inventory feature is very crucial for an online store and I have a good news for you - we are going to add this to the new version of Portfoliobox. At the moment, I don't have more details to share because the new version is in the works but stay tuned, we will let our users know when we have more information about the new version release :)

Have a great weekend!

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

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