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How to rank first in Google ? My site is not even showing in search result

Is there a way or technique I can do to show my website in Google search? I tried to search my site but it is not appearing. I tried to search for our names and keywords it's not appearing. I want people to find me when they search in search engines not just by typing the url of my website. I am using Pro account, is there anything I can do from my end? 

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated :) Thank you Portfoliobox super friendly support. 

-Ran (Arts and Design Community Admin)

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Hi again Ran,

There are some factors that decide if your site appears in the Google search results. For instance, if your site is just recently created, it will take some time for Google to index your website. If you are not using Google search console, I highly recommend you to start using it. We have prepared a couple of articles about this. You can find the links below:

Learn section article -  Why doesn't my site show up in Google searches?

Blog post - Why isn't your site in Google?

Since I do not have more info about your site right now so I cannot pinpoint the causes of your issue and give you suggestions that are more relevant to your case. If you need further help, please reach out to our support team. They're more than happy to offer their assistance!

Cheers, Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

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