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Separate web and mobile templates

It would be great if it was possible to set one template for web view (i.e laptop/desktop), and one for mobile for the same page.

For example, the slideshows look fantastic on a large screen with the secondary images scrolling beneath, but I find them quite small and awkward when using that template on mobile. It would be great if I could use the same content, but on mobile set the template as a vertical list.

Hi Gareth,

Thank you for your feedback! May I know if you are referring to a gallery template, such as this one:

I understand that it would give more flexibility if we have separate templates for desktop and mobile and we will take your suggestion into consideration when improving our product. One major challenge we might have is to seek the balance of having more flexibility and not affecting the user experience. Some users might find it confusing when there are too many settings.

Gareth, thanks again for your input and by the way - your website looks stunning!

Have a great rest of the day :)

Cheers, Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

Sorry, yes, I was talking about the gallery templates for slideshows. I love them for a large screen site, they look beautiful, just on mobile they serviceable, but just a little awkward. I am using 'thumbs below 1' for one of my galleries, and on a phone it just requires a lot of scrolling down the page to see the thumbs, tapping one which bounces you back to the top, then you need to scroll down again, which bounces you, and so on, so on. It's a lot of work for the user. So in this scenario, the vertical plain gallery template would be better for mobile, but then that requires the full size site to have a vertical list too, which I don't want. So if I could set two templates that would be ideal. But I totally understand that adding more stuff makes it more complex and confusing which isn't the end goal for a template based site builder.

Gareth, Thank you for your detailed explanation, now I understand how this slideshow template design affects the mobile browsing experience and how a separate template selection for mobile would solve the problem. I will forward your explanation together with your suggestion to our developers and hope that we will find a good solution for this. Many thanks for this - it's very useful!

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

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