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site map mobile placement

Hi Everyone, I'm new. Does anyone know how to place sitemap links and header from home page on top for mobile view? my image is too dark to leave the text where it is and I want to use this image, or does anyone know the ccs script for coding it if I was to ask for that enabled? Thank you for any help!!!!! Rebecca



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Hello Rebecca, thank you for posting! From what I understand what you meant is to place the header and menu links on your mobile start page at the upper part of the screen. 

The start page that you are currently using is a cover page and I'm very sorry but we currently don't have an option to adjust the placement of the header and menu links in the cover page. The elements in the cover page will follow the template that was designed for it and can only be changed through code. I have enabled the custom code option on your account, you can now enter your codes by going to Settings > Customize > CSS/JS

Just a word of caution, wrong codes can damage your website and might result in some errors. Also, please be reminded that we don't provide coding support, please do be careful in writing codes.

Regarding the image being dark resulting in the menu links to be hardly visible, what I can suggest is to either edit the image to be a little brighter first before uploading it again or changing the color of your cover page menu links to make it more visible. You can change it by going to your cover page, click the gear icon in the links section of the cover page.

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator)

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