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My name appears in the top of some of the pages, but only in the mobile version.

Hello there. 

I'm experiencing a problem when I check out my page on my phone. My name appears on the top of the page, this information should not be there, and I don't find the way to erase it as when I check on the text, this information it is not, so I cannot erase it. :( 

If someone can help will be awesome. This thing is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance!



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Hello Xavier! Thank you for posting! I checked your site on my end and I don't seem to get the same result. This might be caused by the cache of your mobile browser, would you be kind to clear the cache of your mobile browser and check your site again?

By the way, while checking I noticed that you don't have any logo set on the mobile version of your site as well as a menu for both mobile and desktop version. As I can see, it seems that you don't want to have menu links that will be visible to your site, this is fine but it will be hard for your visitors to navigate your website. What I can suggest is to add a menu on your site and use a template to hide the menu links like the template Wide -> Hidden 1

For the mobile logo, you can set it up by going to Design > Logo > Mobile Logo > Image > upload the same logo that was uploaded on the desktop version of your site. 

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator)