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Upload new photos

hi, when i try to upload some new photos on my portfolio it either reach 100% and then turn back to 0% (continuosly) or after it reach 100% it block and nothing happen.
i have already try to logout and clear cache.

Hello Alessandro,

I checked the status of our servers, all are working properly. We need to look further into this and for easier follow-up, I will have to convert this post into ticket and we will send you a follow-up via email. 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

Hi, I cannot upload new photos on my portfolio. Only appears a 0% and also appears a message that talks about and error and I must contact support area.

Thank you.

Hola, No puedo subir nuevas fotos a mi portfolio. Solo aparece 0% y también aparece un mensaje que dice error y contacte con el area de soporte.


Hello there! 

I checked your site and tried uploading an image but I don't seem to get the same error. This issue might be regional and we will need to ask you for some personal information. We will send you an email regarding this to keep your information private (Please also check your spam folder). 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)