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Direct Downloading Images

I have a colleague that has a website capable of clients directly downloading images from his site.  He's able to upload them at a specific resolution and hos clients can choose to download a small, medium and high resolution version by choosing a drop down.

I'd be keen to see the developers add this function going forward.  Is anybody else keen to see this?


Hello Mick,

I think this is a good suggestion and it will also help a lot of users who wish to sell their images online. I will pass this suggestion to our dev team, I think they will consider it and hopefully include it in the future updates. 

For now, you can do a little workaround if you wish for your visitors to download the images on your website. You can upload your images to a file hosting services like Dropbox or Google Drive and then you can place the links to download the images on your site. Or you can create a product page and after a customer purchased a product, you can send them the download link for the image that they purchased via email. 

I hope this helps, enjoy your day Mick! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

A fantastic idea and possibly the best solution for those selling downloadable products. The one thing to ensure however is that only the "delivery page" has right-click enabled otherwise every picture can be downloaded for nothing.

John S.

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