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Customizations for eCommerce?

I'm getting ready to enable sales on my site. I've run in to two issues.

1. Can the "Sold Out" indicator optionally read "Sold" instead?  I don't sell copies of items but single works of art. Sold Out is not an applicable concept.

2. Is there way to set variable shipping prices, item by item?  My works come in greatly different shapes and weights.  One static cost for shipping won't work.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I am really sorry for our late response. You can change the words "Sold Out" to "Sold" under Settings > Language and then look for the phrase "Sold Out". In the field next to "Sold Out", you can change the content to "Sold". 

As for the shipping prices, unfortunately it is not possible to set different prices for different items. However, you can take the shipping cost into consideration when deciding the selling price. I understand that it would be much better if the shipping prices can vary depending on the items, I will make sure that the development team knows about this request and hopefully the feature will be added to the current version of Portfoliobox or the new version. :)

Have a nice day, Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

Thanks very much, Ainsely.  I appreciate the tip on modifying the Sold Out language.  Thank you for suggesting to the developers that they create a way to modify the shipping amount. I would think it would be helpful for other users as well.

Hi Donna,

You're welcome! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have more ideas for improving our E-commerce or any other areas in our tool :)

Have a lovely day, Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

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