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Add a meta verification tutorial


About the "Add a meta verification" tutorial:

1. Its is unclear to me the use and importance of the "Meta verification snippet". Can somebody please explain it?

2. Where do we obtain the corresponding snippet?


Thanks for the post! When you want to connect an external service to your Portfoliobox site, usually you need to verify if you are really the owner of the website (or domain). Without the verification step, anyone can claim to be the owner of a website and can use an external service to gain the website's information and data, for example.

There are a few ways to do the verification, for instance, adding a DNS record to your domain settings or a HTML tag called meta verification snippet to your website. It's very easy to add a meta verification snippet in Portfoliobox as it doesn't require the users to contact the support team to add a DNS record to the domain.

Depending on which external service you would like to connect to your Portfoliobox website, the way to obtain the snippet is different. However, during the service set up process, you should be given the options of how you would like to verify your domain ownership. If you select something called "Adding a HTML tag" or "Adding a meta verification snippet", you will be provided with a meta verification snippet. All you need to do is to follow our tutorials and add it to your website.

I hope this gives a better explanation :)

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

Hello - a step-by-step explanation specific to the meta verification snippet (or any field/panel) would work far better than a generalized answer, as in above reply by admin here (sorry, but true!!).  I asked for this same guidance in an email and this is what they sent, which was exactly what I needed to know.  Not everyone understands the jargon of websites ie what is DNS??  Another time, perhaps.  IOW, clients need absolute, specific answers, not "Depending on which..." kind of replies, please.  Here is their reply to my request for step-by-step finding of the necessary piece of information also called the MVsnippet (hope this helps you!  It did me.):

"Good day! Thank you for reaching out. 

You may get the meta verification snippet in Google Search Console. By adding the meta verification snippet in the correct location, the third party service would be able to detect the snippet and confirm the website ownership. You may read more information here: 

​You can create an account in Google Search Console:

​Under Verify ownership, please go to "Other verification methods" then choose HTML TAG. 


That code is what you will add in your admin panel: "

Follow the instructions carefully, each step.  Be sure to select HTML TAG, not file, and your 'code' will be there to copy and paste into your website admin page.  What they call an admin 'panel' is called a 'field' in the US, if that applies where you are.  If you have any questions or still have trouble figuring it out, reply here and I'll watch for messages.  I'm not always on it though so give me a day or so.  - Judy

Hi Judy,

Thanks very much for your suggestion and we will try to avoid using jargons in the future or perhaps add an explanation when using one. We try to give a specific answer to our users but sometimes, like the case above, it is not possible as we did not know which external service the user was going to use. If we knew the user was going to use Google Search Console, we would have added a detailed step-by-step guide to show where to find the meta verification snippet :)

If our users want to have a detailed, specific answers to their questions, they are welcome to contact us by email. Our support agents will be delighted to offer detailed explanation and further assistance if needed. 

Once again, thank you very much for your feedback, Judy - that's very helpful :)

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

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