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Images in a gallery being clickable

I have a gallery page with several images. I would like to make each image linked to another image not visible in the gallery (for example to show that same image in a different context). Example:

    Image A > on click shows Image X in a separate screen (invisible to the user until (s)he clicks on A). Closing X, A becomes visible again
    Image B > on click shows Image Y in a separate screen (invisible to the user until (s)he clicks on B). Closing Y, B becomes visible again
    Image C, etc

How can this be achieved?

Another option would be X and Y are clickable too and they take you to an external e-commerce site (e.g. Etsy, Fine Art America, etc).

Hello Mauricio! Thank you for posting! This effect is possible using the Link page, you can create a link page and link each image on that page to the image that you wish to show up. Here's an example of a Link page -

As you can see on the example, the image redirects you to a gallery page. But since you only wish to display one image, you can, for example, link to a slideshow gallery with only one image uploaded on it and set the template to full screen. If you are planning on having an image with a lot of text then you can use a text page with a template of Align top L. 

For the external E-commerce site, you can add the link in the title or description of the image. But if you wish to link it on an image, it is possible via Text editor or Services page. In Services page, you can upload the image and link the E-commerce site on the button of the service. Leave the pricing field blank and you will have something like this: 

I hope this helps :) Enjoy your day Mauricio! 

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator)

Hi Arvin, If I understand your reply correctly that means I would need to change my current gallery pages into link pages. 

The instructions on "Choose a page template" state: "NB! You can only change the template for a given page to another template of the same type. E.g. You can change the template of a gallery to another gallery template, but not to a text page template."

Is there a way of placing the images that are already somewhere in the Portfoliobox servers (in a database presumably) in the new page type? The "" site has the ability to import images already. Is there a way to do it within our site?



Hello Mauricio,

It is only possible to move image from one gallery to another however it is not possible to move images from a gallery page to a different type of page. I'm afraid, you will have to create a link page and upload the image manually. 

By the way, Portfoliobox will launch a newer version but we don't have a final release date yet but you will surely be informed once it's out. In the new version, a "library" system will be included in the tools where the uploaded images and files will be saved.

Let me know if you need more help, have a good day!  

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

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