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I am trying to achieve a certain "look" to display images of exhibitions in which I participated (see attachment from a different person's website). There will be 2 to 6 photos for each event. Note that the photos are in one horizontal row and a descriptives text is either over or under the whole row.

I have not found a page type capable of this design.

How can I achieve this? 



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Hello Mauricio, thank you for your post!

To create a similar design, what I can recommend is to either use a Blog or Section page. 

1. Blog page - You can create a blog post and upload your images then you can add the description in the text editor inside the blog post. You can also place it on top or bottom depending on your preference. Here's an example -

2. Section page - Using this page to create the design will be bit more complicated than the blog page. Here's the steps to follow:

  • Create a Section page. 
  • Create a Gallery section and upload the images that you wish to upload. 
  • Inside the Gallery section, select a template for your images. 
  • Create a Text section for the description of the images on your gallery section and set the template to plain. 
  • Repeat the steps depending on how many you will need :) Afterward it will look something like this: 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

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