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Ability to reuse existing sections and existing images

Hi it would be really great if we could reuse existing sections of a page that we've created before. RIght now say you want to add a footer to different pages, you'll have to add it on each page and then customize the footers over and over again for each page.

The same thing applies to images, There are some pictures I want to use multiple times on my site. But because there's no file manager (or something related), I have to upload it every time. Not only does this burn time, it also burns network resources uploading the same thing over and over again.

Thanks, I think these features will be really great to see. 

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Hi there! 

1. For now, we only have a footer feature for the normal pages that will repeat its content on the normal pages except for the section and cover page. I think being able to duplicate the sections in the section page is a good suggestion, I will pass this to our dev team so they can further discuss if it can be implemented in the future updates.  

2. Regarding the images, I completely agree that it will be wonderful if we can have a library system where the uploaded images will be stored. This way we can avoid uploading the same images over and over again that will result in eating the image storage of your site. Please be at ease, we will release a newer version of Portfoliobox soon, there's no fixed release date yet but you will surely be notified once the new version is released. A library system will be included in the new version where your uploaded images and files will be stored :) 

Have a good day! 

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator)

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