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Drop-down menu, home/cover page

Hi, I have created a drop-down menu for the interior pages, is it possible on the cover page?

Can I specify a link in the drop-down heading so that it is not live?

Hello Nan,

I hope you're doing well, thank you for posting! 

I'm very sorry but creating a drop-down menu is not possible for the cover page. What I can suggest is to change the template of your cover page to "Big Background". This way the default menu of your site will be visible as well as the drop-down menu that you've created in it. 

Regarding your second question, do you mean a header on the menu which is not link to any page? If yes, please use the Character option on your menu. To create a character on your menu, please follow our guide at

I hope this helps, enjoy your day Nan! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

Hi, Thank you. I really like the menu placement, so I'll find another solution.

The character menu option is perfect!

Is there any way to use CSS to adjust the home page menu placement at all (on the computer and/or on a mobile devices)?

Hello Nan.

You're most welcome! 

Sure, you can edit or adjust the elements on your site using custom codes. I have enabled the CSS/JS feature on your account and you can enter your codes by going to Settings -> Customize -> CSS/JS tab. Please be reminded that we don't advice our users to use this feature without having a knowledge in coding since it might damage his/her website and we don't provide coding support. 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)