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Not Familiar with Custom Domain Configuration and Don't Know Who to Contact

A while back, I got an e-mail from you guys, saying my website wasn't configured properly and it didn't work. I have Portfoliobox Pro, so I've registered my portfolio and have my custom website set up, but the link doesn't redirect.

I was given instructions on how to further configure my site to redirect properly, but I have no idea what these instructions mean. 


I was told to contact the "support team of your domain provider and give them the instructions" however I don't know who that would be. I made this site through Portfoliobox exclusively.

I would send an e-mail to your general support, but I couldn't find a direct e-mail. So I figured this forum was it.

It doesn't look like it's too hard to set up, but I don't know where these DNS settings are. I only have access to my website settings, which give me a lot of options on customization, but nothing about Domains.

~Thanks in advanced

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Hello Haydn,

Thank you for your post. 

As I can see, the domain is currently available for purchase. I think you might have selected the wrong option accidentally during the setup process of your domain. You have selected the option "Use my own domain", which means using a domain that you own outside of Portfoliobox. 

I have re-enabled the domain option on your account, you can setup your domain again by clicking the notification at the bottom of your page and select "I want a new domain". 

Let us know if you have any other questions or you can also send an email to Have a good day Haydn! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)