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I would like to add new images, but cant seem to

I would like to add new images to my catwalk gallery and my modelling gallery

Please help....

I also need to get people to log onto my website, more viewers....

I have about 8 images to upload!!

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Hello Jacqueline,

Thank you for posting! I checked your site and I can see that you have 53/1000 images uploaded on your site. You can still upload more images on your site. May I ask if you are having some issues while trying to upload new images to your catwalk and modelling gallery? 

Regarding your second inquiry, it is not possible to create a log in system on your site however, you can password protect a page to filter the users who will be able to view that page. You can give the password to the people who you want to view that page. You can follow our guide to password protect a page at

I hope this helps! Have a good day Jacqueline! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)