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"Product viewer" changes don't work

I'm playing around with some eCommerce on my site. I have a page with some testing options set up. However, when I click "product viewer" and choose different layout options, they don't change anything. The page layout remains exactly the same; a photo in the middle, text below that, and then thumbnails below that.

Is there something that I'm missing? I don't understand why the layout doesn't change when I choose different product viewer options.

I should also add that the problem exists in the editor as well as on the live site. Neither show the change.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your post! 

I checked the products page of your site and I noticed that you are using a Slideshow template for this page. The slideshow template already displays all the information of your products and no longer needs to be viewed that's why the image viewer doesn't change anything on it. If you want to use the image viewer, I suggest that you change your products template to any other template aside from "Slideshow". Image viewer will only work on templates where you need to click the products to view further information. 

With regards to the text editor, there is a proper way to save the changes in it. Please click outside of the text editor panel in order to save the changes that you've made inside. You will notice a blue outline on your text editor which indicates that the changes has been saved. 

I hope this helps! Have a good day! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)