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Menu Bug

"ghost" pages are showing up on my public website despite me having deleted them in my admin site.


I've cleared my browser cache multiple times after having logged out and also tried to access from multiple devices. These pages don't exist, and I've disabled all the "Add to menu" options.

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Hello Reindeeya! 

Thank you for your post! It seems that your admin panel is displaying the cached version of your site. 

I could see that under your site menu, there are duplicate links under Portfolio link. Please see screenshot below:

If you cannot see the duplicate links in your site menu tab, please clear the cache of your browser then visit your site menu tab in your panel again. 

You may follow the steps below:

1. Log out of your account

2. Clear the cache of your browser

3. Log in to your admin panel.

After clearing the cache of your browser, the duplicate menu links should show up in your admin panel. Here are the steps how to fix it:

1. Kindly go to Tools

2. Click Your Content

3. Select Site Menu

4. Remove the duplicate menu links.

5. Refresh your browser.

I hope that helps! Have a lovely day Reindeeya!

Cheers, Irma (Forum Moderator)