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2020 Upgrade - Portfoliobox 4

Hello guys!

Wonderful to hear that the upgrade is real.

Can we get a detailed "how-to" switch from old system to the new?

What we have to do? Automatic or need to upload again images?... etc

Thank you,

Br, Susa

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Hi team, I have received your email about version 4 and tested it a bit by creating a new site. Since I'm a photographer I hvae a decent amount of photos on my site. By now recreating this site I need (for now) upload all these photos again. Due to this I have a question:

Why have you not implemented that when I upload a serie of photos it reads the filename and automatically set the name of the Photo. As I can see now, you still need to name each photo manually which is time consuming if you have many photos.


Then I wonder if there is a way to set keywords per photo so the visitor can search for specific photos?

Then one last question regarding the ecommerce module, will it now be possible to create a report from all sales during a year with all needed info for the tax declaration or do I still need to manually copy hundreds of purchases manually by copy and paste? 

If the answers is no to above, then I will be on version 3. ;-)

Thank you,





Hello Anders,

I hope you are doing well, thank you for posting! 

1. We don't have a feature that will allow your visitors to search images on your site using keywords. However, you can create albums using gallery pages to make it easier for your visitors to view specific images on your website. 

2. I'm sorry, we still don't have an option to download all transactions made on your shop. I think this is a very good suggestion and I will forward it to our development team for further consideration. Hopefully, it will be implemented in the future. 

Stay safe and have a good day Anders! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

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