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More in the way of guidance for portfoliobox 4

 Intially on joining I looked at the great tutorials and joined partly because a friend who at the time had been using version 3 said how easy it was to use, even for a novice. Now using version 4 I am finding the answers less easy come by and the tutorials less relevent as the settings and menus or different. Kind of off putting.

Then there is the having to pay extra for toggling on features which previously were free in version version 3

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Hello Suzy,

It is understandable to be a bit confusing at first since it is a completely new platform from the previous versions. However, it is really easy once you get the hang of it :) 

I'm sorry if the tutorials are very limited for now as the new version has just been launched and updates are still coming. We are already working on the articles and tutorials and it will be updated in the future. 

As for the advance options, I'm sorry but you really will have to upgrade your account in order to unlock this advance feature. Please don't worry as most of the options in the advance option is not available in Portfoliobox 3 and you may only use in Portfoliobox 4 so it is really worth the try. 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

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