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Portfoliobox 4 - can I go back to v3?

Hi there!

I am in the process of migrating to Portfoliobox 4, however I came across a few obstacles.

My biggest question is: I haven't clicked on PUBLISH yet. Could I then please stay with Portfoliobox 3?

The reasons are:

  • I cannot find the "Social" page
  • it doesn't support PayPal payments
  • it looks like the fonts have been massively reduced
  • it should be easier to navigate, but it isn't
  • who knows what else is missing...
Could we then cancel my migration if the Publish button has not been hit yet please?

Hello Weronika,

The new version has just been released and there will be more updates in the future like the Paypal payment option for E-commerce and the Instagram page. I know it feels overwhelming at first because it is a completely new platform but once you get a hang of it, this platform can help you in creating an amazing site. Hopefully, you can give it a chance. Here's a little overview on the new version - 

Since you still haven't hit the Publish button yet, you can delete the PB4 account and continue using the PB3 version of your site. You may delete the account by going to Settings > Account Settings > Delete.

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

Thanks Arvin! As always, you are being super helpful, I appreciate it. I will give it another try - I chose the Montserrat font for the meantime and it is still ok. I used to use this font before. Also, I did some planning, and for now I can continue selling via Etsy for now, and linking it to the page. I think for the price, this is still great value! I will play around in the interface a bit more - I can already see that maybe some things are missing, but other nice things were added, for example such an "obvious" thing as the YouTube social icon, which was also very important for me.

Thanks again for the instructions! I will make my decision this week!

Hello Weronika,

I'm very happy to hear that you gave it a chance. I hope you see the real beauty in it. I will wait for your decision next week :) 

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator)