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Error changing the URL of a page


Since yesterday I am trying to change the URL of the pages and I get an error. Before, I was a free user and it didn't happen to me. I'm Pro and won't let me change it, I don't understand. It comes out red and won't let me do it.

Thanks you.

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Hello Sonia! 

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for posting! 

I tried changing the URL of one of your pages and I don't get the same problem. Please log out from your admin panel, clear the cache of your browser and check your site again (Don't skip this step). Also, please make sure that the page URL that you are trying to use doesn't exist on your other pages. If the issue still persist after this procedure, please send me the URL of the page that you are trying to edit and the name of the URL you are trying to use so I can test it on my end. 

Have a good day Sonia! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

Yes, thanks you. Yesterday I contacted with online support and I fixed it. It was that I already had pages with that URL.

Thanks you.