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"503 Service Temporary unavailable" "Your connection is not private"

Hello PortfolioBox support team, 

Just found out about the switch thats been made from .IO to .NET  and wondering how I can go about fixing this for my website.  this message keeps coming up.  "503 Service Temporary unavailable" and "Your connection is not private" 
 My site is   

So far I haven't found too much help on how to fix this problem myself, only  when making contact here directly the issue becomes resolved.   would really appreciate any help or advice on the matter, thanks! 

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Hello Paige,

Thank you for posting! The problem with .io domains has already been fixed. You are still receiving the error message because you are using an incorrect URL. Please remove "www" in front of the URL for it to work - The "www" is not included in the SSL certificate for the free account. If you want your site to work with or without "www", you will have to upgrade your account and request a personalized domain. 

I hope this helps! Stay safe and have a good day ahead Paige! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)