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Store updates

Some suggestions that can be added to the store:

- Promotions that are based on purchase value (ex. purchases above 50€ would have free shipping)

-Discount codes that would only work with purchases of certain values

-On the "Side to Side" product option, photos on the bar bellow should be better scaled. I had to change photos sizes because they would show up distorted.

Other suggestions not only related to store:

-Add more social media buttons like Behance, dribbble, etc 

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Thank you for your suggestions, we greatly appreciate it. 

I will forward your suggestions to our development team and hopefully, it will be implemented in the future updates. 

As for the "Side to side" template, are you referring to the thumbnail options below the main image? Can you send me an example so I can check if it is a bug and will be able to report it to the devs? 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

Yes, the thumbnails. 

I already update the photos so it would not do that. But actually I've noticed this problem often in other galleries. I can force tha bug if you'd like though.


That will really be helpful. Please send me a screenshot or you can create a test page on your site and make sure to unpublish that page so it won't show up online. 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

Here it is.

One of the photos shows up fine while the other is weirdly compressed.


Thank you for sending the screenshot. I tried to replicate the problem on my end but I can't seem to get the same problem. Please make sure that the size of the images that you are trying to upload will be 1920px or smaller in width and height. 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

Oh ok. Yeah the image was bigger. Maybe you could add a warning about the size (because in my case I will defenitly forget about it) in case that is not there already (which is also a possibility, and I just did not see it) .

But thanks for clearing that up :)


You're most welcome! Actually, you can see the warning when you try to upload a new image on your site :) By the way, the icons for behance and dribble should be ready soon! I hope your other two suggestions will also be implemented in the future! 

Have a good day!

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

Yeah... I knew that could be a possibility. 

That is great! Thanks


I just received an update from the development team, behance and dribble icons are now available and ready! :) 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

Perfect! Thanks!

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