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How can I change arrow colors in slideshow using CSS

Hallo! I have a slideshow, and the first pictures (and many of them) are kind of black. Therefore it's impossible to see the arrows, and know there are more picts to be seen. 

How can I change the color?

Because for what I read, it's not possible to make it automatic right?

Thanks a lot


Hello David,

Good day! I have added a simple CSS to your site to change the color of the arrows. You can adjust it if you prefer a different color by going to Settings > Customize CSS > change the color id on the code (Ex. #333333). You can get the color ID when you select a color from a color picker. 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

Wow! That's so nice.

Thanks a lot and have a good day

Hello, I have the same problem. My arrows are white on a white backround. 

How can I change it? 

I tried to follow the comment, but I don't know where the button is to change the arrow color...

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hello Benny,

I have added a CSS code to edit the colors of the arrows on your website. You can check it out by going to Settings > Custom CSS. Only change the color id if you wish to change the color. 

I hope this helps. Enjoy your day! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

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