Do you want to remove a page from your menu link but you're afraid the page might get deleted? No worries! Removing pages from the menu does not delete the page.

You can still find your pages under Pages.

There are two methods to remove a page from menu list.

Method 1: Removing the page from the menu under site menu

You can click on Tools, then on Your Content. Finally choose Site Menu and you will be able to see the list of your menu links.

Select the menu item you wish to remove by checking the box, click on the Trash Bin icon and confirm the deletion.

Method 2: Removing the page from the menu in the edit panel 

Under Tools, click on Your Content and choose Pages. Select the page you wish to remove from the menu. The page will show up, normally the editor will also display along the page. If not, please click on Edit This Page > Settings and click on the switch next to Add to Menu.(toggle changes color from blue to grey) in order to remove the page from the menu.


If you have already remove the menu item in your admin panel but you can still see it in the live version, please log out of your account and clear the cache of your browser to avoid mismatch between live version and admin version.