A guestbook page is a traditional web based guestbook where people can leave an public message on your site.

To create a guestbook page: 

  1. Click New Page.
  2. Select Other. By default, the page created is a Guestbook, you do not need to change template.
    Create a guestbook page with Portfoliobox

  3. Give the page a title. Create a guestbook page with Portfoliobox

    Your page is ready and includes a simple message form with a name field and a message field. Keep in mind that the guestbook messages left by your visitors will be public, unlike the contact form messages.
    Create a guestbook page with Portfoliobox

Find your guestbook messages

To view and eventually delete your guestbook messages:

  1. Click on the Cogwheel Icon.
  2. Then select Messages.
  3. Go to the tab, Guestbook. In this area, you will find all your guestbook messages. If you want to delete a message, you can click on the Bin Icon.
    Find your guestbook message with Portfoliobox