How to add a text block

Text block is a content block that allows you to add text, tables, images and links. To add a text block, you can:

  1. Click on the Three Dots Icon that is in the top right corner of the text editor. A drop down menu would appear.
  2. Select Text.
  3. An empty text block would be added directly to the text editor.
  4. Double click on the text block you just added and start adding your content.
  5. When you finished your editing, don't forget to save the changes properly by clicking outside the text editor until you see its borders flash blue.

How to style the text

You can use the tool available in the text editor to style your text or the options under Design > Colors & Fonts. The latter one is recommended since your text styles would be grouped as Header 1, Header 2, Header 3 and Paragraph. This makes it easier to change your text styles across your whole website to achieve a consistent design. Apart from this benefit, assigning different header tags to your text also helps in SEO. 

In SEO, header tags play an important role. They are used to identify the heading and subheadings on your page and this helps the search engines to understand what your content is about. H1 is the most important, followed by H2 and H3. It is recommended to include your main keywords in your H1 tags as the best SEO practice.

Adding an image to a text block

Apart from text, you can add images to a text block. To do that:

  1. Double click in the text block, a tools bar would appear.
  2. Click on the Image icon and go to the Upload tab.
  3. Click on Choose File and select the image file from your computer hard drive.
  4. Then click on Send it to the Server.
  5. When the upload process is complete, you would see a pop up "The image is saved".
  6. Finally click on OK to save the changes.