In a gallery, you can add a title and a description to each image. For Thumbs, Horizontals and Verticals galleries, the image title displays under each thumbnail and the image description displays in the image viewer. For slideshow galleries, only the image description displays.

Edit image title and description

To edit the image title and image description, go to the gallery you wish to edit and click Edit this Page. 

  1. Click on the images you wish to edit. When selected, images will have a blue bottom border.
  2. Click the Pen Icon in the bottom right hand corner of the image.
  3. Add the image title in the Image title field and the image description in the image description field.

    Move images to another gallery in Portfoliobox

  4. By clicking on the Cogwheel Icon, you will be able to edit and format both the title and the description.

Position of the image title and description

You cannot edit the image title position, it is defined by the template you choose. The title my display on hover or under the thumbnail, depending on the template.

Since the description of an image displays in the image viewer, you can define its position in the Image Viewer settings.

Hide the image title

Since the image title serves as Alt tag for SEO. you can choose to add an image title for SEO purpose but hide it on your website.

To hide the image titles for a specific gallery, go to the gallery you wish to edit and click Edit this Page

  1. Click Display Settings.
  2. Uncheck Show Thumb Titles.

    Hide image titles in gallery in Portfoliobox